Thursday, 4 December 2008


I came up with an idea to make the post (as in through the letter box post) bludy fantastic. Its called I-LOVE-POST.

Heres the plan ;

Who ever wants to join sends their chosen post man/woman name and home address to then from there i will make a list of everyones addresses and send them to each member of i-love-post. 
When each member gets the list they have to send random post to who ever they want from the list and just keep doing it when ever they want.
This means that you could wake up everyday and be excited that something cool mite come through the post for you.

You could send anything, for example I sent a scratch card a Cd of my favorite music at the time and the directions to a secret rave to a member.

So anyone could join, the more diverse the better!

Anyways if anyones interested send me an email to

Ta very much

Postman Pat