Saturday, 25 October 2008

The Shoe tree.

First of all just in case you read the post after this one, I don't have a weird obsession with shoes it just happens that these too things about shoes came into my life at the same time.

Anyways In the depths of Heaton Park Newcastle there is a group of trees covered in peoples old shoes. There are a few stories about how they came to be, some people say that the graduates of Newcastle uni go to the park and sacrifice a pair of old shoes to the tree every graduation day, or some people just say that people chuck em up there for no reason at all or just to tees tramps (many tramps have died trying to reach the sacred shoes). 
If you ever go to Newcastle forget the Angel of the north or the Millennium bridge, go and pay a visit to the shoe tree it is a magical place.


The hat shoe is a shoe that takes its inspiration from the one object that it is usually the farthest away from, THE HAT. 
These shoes come in all different styles; The FlatCapShoe, the BobbleHatShoe, the BowlerHatShoe, the BaseballCapShoe, the WizardHatSHoe and many many more.
Who said Hats were just for the head ey.

Saturday, 18 October 2008

Obesity and Gun crime

The Obesity epidemic seemed to start in America and so did Gun Crime and now they are both big problems in the UK today.
These two problems come hand in hand because being fat is our subconscious way of protecting our self from guns.
The fatter we get the harder it is for bullets to reach our major organs.
This is Why Americans are so fat. That's rite you can stop blaming McDonald's now its all gun crimes fault!

Bugs hurt too.

The other day I squashed a snail but this time I didn't just carry on walking I stopped and said sorry. I looked down at the little guy and he was in a rite state. I couldn't stop thinking about how I would be feeling if I was that snail. It would be pure agony, first of all shards of your shattered shell would pierce through your back, then the pressure of the impact would cause your insides to burst out of your head. Now I know gun crime is bad but I'd rather be shot than have my insides burst out of my head. The poor little guy.
Anyway I did a few sketches of the everyday occurrences of bugs being murdered and tried to show the pain that the little snail felt that fateful day.