Thursday, 4 December 2008


I came up with an idea to make the post (as in through the letter box post) bludy fantastic. Its called I-LOVE-POST.

Heres the plan ;

Who ever wants to join sends their chosen post man/woman name and home address to then from there i will make a list of everyones addresses and send them to each member of i-love-post. 
When each member gets the list they have to send random post to who ever they want from the list and just keep doing it when ever they want.
This means that you could wake up everyday and be excited that something cool mite come through the post for you.

You could send anything, for example I sent a scratch card a Cd of my favorite music at the time and the directions to a secret rave to a member.

So anyone could join, the more diverse the better!

Anyways if anyones interested send me an email to

Ta very much

Postman Pat

Saturday, 25 October 2008

The Shoe tree.

First of all just in case you read the post after this one, I don't have a weird obsession with shoes it just happens that these too things about shoes came into my life at the same time.

Anyways In the depths of Heaton Park Newcastle there is a group of trees covered in peoples old shoes. There are a few stories about how they came to be, some people say that the graduates of Newcastle uni go to the park and sacrifice a pair of old shoes to the tree every graduation day, or some people just say that people chuck em up there for no reason at all or just to tees tramps (many tramps have died trying to reach the sacred shoes). 
If you ever go to Newcastle forget the Angel of the north or the Millennium bridge, go and pay a visit to the shoe tree it is a magical place.


The hat shoe is a shoe that takes its inspiration from the one object that it is usually the farthest away from, THE HAT. 
These shoes come in all different styles; The FlatCapShoe, the BobbleHatShoe, the BowlerHatShoe, the BaseballCapShoe, the WizardHatSHoe and many many more.
Who said Hats were just for the head ey.

Saturday, 18 October 2008

Obesity and Gun crime

The Obesity epidemic seemed to start in America and so did Gun Crime and now they are both big problems in the UK today.
These two problems come hand in hand because being fat is our subconscious way of protecting our self from guns.
The fatter we get the harder it is for bullets to reach our major organs.
This is Why Americans are so fat. That's rite you can stop blaming McDonald's now its all gun crimes fault!

Bugs hurt too.

The other day I squashed a snail but this time I didn't just carry on walking I stopped and said sorry. I looked down at the little guy and he was in a rite state. I couldn't stop thinking about how I would be feeling if I was that snail. It would be pure agony, first of all shards of your shattered shell would pierce through your back, then the pressure of the impact would cause your insides to burst out of your head. Now I know gun crime is bad but I'd rather be shot than have my insides burst out of my head. The poor little guy.
Anyway I did a few sketches of the everyday occurrences of bugs being murdered and tried to show the pain that the little snail felt that fateful day.

Thursday, 14 August 2008

Coffee shop addiction

Help me I'm addicted to coffee shops.
I spend about £10-£20 a week on them. Its strange because usually people say they are addicted to coffee but its not that, I'm addicted to the places that serve the stuff.
I just get this warm feeling inside if i know that i am going to a coffee shop, i think its because i know that once i have purchased my coffee I've kind of hired my own space with a table and chair for at least an hour and i can relax because i no that I'm doing anything el's because I'm drinking a coffee. The thing is i don't leave when Ive finished the coffee i sit there like a crazy man just staring into space, although i quite like the idea of people thinking that i am plotting something.
I think it all started when I used to go shopping with my girlfriend and as soon as she mentioned the word coffee shop i knew that i wouldn't have to stand outside any fucking women's changing rooms or look at clothes that she had no intention of buying in the first place for at least 30mins, so it was abit like my saviour for the day, this is probably where the warm feeling comes from.
I only drink Americanos with a side order of cream (please don't judge me) or espresso's which are both usually under £2.00 so I'm OK for now but the other day i ventured to a frapachino which is getting into dangerous territory.
If anyone el's has the same problem as me i would love to hear from them and maybe we can beat this thing together.

Thankyou for reading and listening


*By the way just as a little tip for people shopping with their girlfriends or just people who hate shopping with other people, instead of following the other person around in a dase of bordem play this little game.
Whilst they are looking at clothes say that you are going to go and look for an outfit for them to try on (they will be impressed that you have shown an interest) then when you come back make them try it on. It sounds abit crap at first but i really got into it. You can go too ways; the Gok Wan way where you actually try to find something that they like (which will give you a sence of achivement if you get it right) or my way to try and make them look as stupid as possible when they walk out of the changing room door.
It does help controll the pain.